playlist 2006

Depuis mai 2005 le générique est une fabrication de PUYO PUYO

02 décembre 2006

23 – the rip-off artist
pekin synth star – dat politics
pal-xmas cheap gift – aelters
robot girl – mochipet
i didn’t know the lipe want her – dj paul
amoebae lost control – eve massacre
what’s going on yeah – team 9
sur les écrans statiques – pas chic chic
amoureux solitaires – henry goes dirty
dumping grounds – the sleazy listener
zephyr – loscil
sans titre – mylena bergeron
alison – anne laplantine

26 novembre 2006

world provider – c’est comme ça
sir alice-te souviens – tu de moi
elli & Jacno je t’aime tant
3 cheers 4 dirty – blonf & brown public
kevin blechdom + wobbly – I am nastay
klanguage – priceless thing
das wort – barbara morgenstern
cielo grigio – marzipan marzipan
move me – gudrun gut
uncle barry says – boulez republic
one one five – dead beat
disco donkey – phon.o (remix of mochipet)
wobbly remix – punani

19 novembre 2006

puyo puyo- jetgirls
pj harvey -oh my lover
numero# – monique
numero# – j’aime la bourgeoisie
sexy sushi – t’enflamme pas petasse
kevin blechdom – please,please,please
dat politics-the rainbow connection
animal collective – winter’s love
angry red planet – I wish I was a boy
jimmy – edh
jordi rosen – love
dit terzi – le son de l’amour
gang pol unt mit- notre vie n’est pas simple

05 novembre 2006

pyrric victory – sycamore creek
mouse on mars – i go ego why go we go
kids on tv – breakdance hunx
angie reed – psychic dick
khima france –
candie hank – le désastre
kap bambino
wwka – remix par darcin
sir alice – l’amour made in taiwan
mini – walking
team forest – your wings
goodiepal – my robotic skills have failed
le peuplier de simon – les pieds dans le soleil
un caddie renversé dans l’herbe – tu ru ru
goodiepal – carl bergson nielsen cut

29 octobre2006

jil keita + raoul beckam – je t’aime
sylvain chauveau – hurlement en faveur de serge t
charles pennequin – malade d’amour
jean-jacques perret – gossipo perpetuo
felix kubin + coolhaven – there is a garden
groupgris – IV
ddamage – ink
hot chip – over & over
liquid liquid – optimo
fourtet(boom bip remix) – no more mosquitos
outpüt – a handful of caresses
william basinski – melancholia
chris watson – by kelso dunes
mylena bergeron – ourdir 1
multiphonic ensemble – on/off edit

15 octobre2006  Spécial carte blanche à Éric MATTSON

julie doucet/anne-françoise jacques – teddy girl
cm von hausswolff – 130 hz + 140hz
cm von hausswolff – hm dalai lama
cm von hausswolff – twelve levels of sense flow
bernard bonnier
sonde – sweet gaspésienne
monoton – leben in dchungel
mylena bergeron
joe colley – infernal apocalypse and half asleep

08 octobre2006 Spécial MATMOS

beach house – auburn and ivory
matmos – spondee
soft pink truth – everybody’s soft
matmos – roses and teeth for ludwig wittgenstein
matmos – steam and sequins for larry levan
matmos – tract for valerie solanas
erase errata/matmos – other animals
matmos remix black sabbath – f/x
darcin remix wwka – wwka remix
eglantine gouzy – eglantyne gouzy

01 octobre2006 Spécial POP MONTREAL

nicky click – at least i tried
pony up – toy piano
joanna newsom – en galop
mansfield tya – pourquoi mon coeur
beach house – master of none
genders – grassy grass
vitamins for you – a call from ghislain
spank rock (bloodpathremix) – far left
frigid – liquid lament
ttc + ddamage – post modern girl
micheline software – je l’savais
montag – natacha
loscil – umbra

24 septembre2006

Spécial Chantal Akerman (entrevue avec Caroline Pierret)
Duras/D’alessio – la soupe au poireau
Akerman – extrait du film saute ma ville
Akerman/Wieder-atherthon – chanson extraite du film simon simone
Gel – evidenz
Spécial Collectif MU
J.P Renoult/Gaël Segalen – fronpop remix
demonstration du flavitron de Jean philippe Renoult
Mu -promenade sonore
François Eudes Chanfrault – untitled 2

17 septembre2006

wagner – thème des valkyries
myra davies – the walkyries are
gudrun gut/thomas fehlmann – sweet
broadcast – hammer without a master
barbara morgenstern – die japanische schranke
matt fuzz – le bison
crazy q – local hero
ginger ale – un été dans le vent
eglantine gouzy – cowboy
eglantine gouzy – 12h12
ii – hyperréaliste
nathalie derome – esti qu’est belle ta peau
stereolab – the failure of the leading sign
psapp – upstairs
catarina pratter – stronger than before

10 septembre2006

yeah yeah yeahs/steven blood bath – cheated hearts
puppetmastaz – do the swamp
black fiction – disease
spektrum – country licks
car stereo (wars) – what’s up california
blectum from blechdom – love letter
rappers delight club – mum
tom tom club – wordy rappinghood
matt fuzz – montreal canicule
les georges leningrad – mange avec tes doigts
sexyboy – you are doomed
cuizinier – j’aime bouger ça
lcd soundsystem/stanton warriors – disco infiltrator
agf – piano 16 bit
hugh le caine – the sackbut blues
hugh le caine – a noisesome pestilence
bartok – lament
m. duras – theme des jours entiers dans des arbres
m. duras – india song/montage sonore
annelies monsere – rue de la croix
sylvain chauveau/felicia atkinson-aberdeen
bertuf – ecotone
emmanuelle de hericourt – custom truck
hypo/edm – naughty place
the unireverse – u feel love

03 septembre2006

1ère heure spécial SOCAN pour donner de l’argent à ceux qui le valent bien
Puyo puyo – jetgirls
Polemix & la voix off – La racaille
Olivier Borzeix – Bootleg
Christof migone – ruach
Massive asthma – Bootleg
Labo mtl – La cage
Mrs white – Bootleg
Minibloc – Mari nu
Gregory – au cocktail
taylor – #4
dracqk – Hodad
Le peuplier de simon – Bootleg
Des cailloux et du carbone – 4
Pierre crube – Vigospectre
Matt fuzz – Le bison
darcin – Bootleg
Dj aï – Queens of hanson brothers
Lesbians on ecsatsy – manipulation
Ghislain poirier – Be strong

2ème heure sort voir OSHEAGA – MEGI LOVE NEON
Hong kong counterfeit – Toute petite la planète
riton – Candy
Näd mika feat sexy sushi – Girlfriend
Sir alice -Docteur x
Sexy sushi -Vengeance
Esg – Bam bam jam
Stevenbloodbath -Far left
The presets – Mia’s mouse
Beach house – Master of none
Camille davila -Spring’s shadow
Team plastique suck – Superstars
Jennifer cardini -Shonky microphon remix
Sand cat – dave’n

27 août 2006  spécial JENNIFER CARDINI

drackq – grx3
ghislain poirier – mc steak végétarien
darcin – remix de scantintone
drackq – zelda dungeon remix
heart & soul – jet lobby
sir alice – aaa
elli & jacno – je t’aime tant
henry goes dirty – amoureuse solitaire
ferenc – vinegreta
mlle caro + frak g – far away


kalk pets – be baby
kalk pets – i’m a clicktrack
monolake – publicon sleeparchive interpretation
delia gonzales & gavin russon – relevee (baby ford remix)
guido shneider – super sander
jeremy p.caulfield against the rip
david zenker – newbe hearthrob’s are u gay
zander vt – memo4
ekzelkind – marsha
pokerflat – martin landsi
sascha funke – in between days
metri – kuvio
transparent sound – the cider club

20 août 2006

pawel – grab it
i-sound – press on
schneider remis pulseprogramming – suck or run
the rip-off artist – hydrocracking
excepter – the rock stepper
otto von schirach – spine yogurt
matmos – steam and sequins for larry levan
phon.o – 313 dumpsta railin
the hitz express – hit you rite thair
felix kubin – fernwärme wien
mouse on mars – lazergum
the unireverse – hard times
tujiko noriko
susumu yokota – grass, tree and the stone
halim el-dabh – wire recorder piece
loscil – halcyon
efterklang – kloy gyn
eric la casa – air ratio
minouche minouchy – harry’s eyes
loscil – motoc
christian marclay/marina rosenfeld – nyc aug. 21
minouche minouchy – wat’s left of rudolf
luc ferrari – le cycle des souvenirs
darcin – castor volant
thomas brinkmann – 0011
tod dockstader – aerial #1
halim el-dabh/otto luening – electronic fanfare
ferrari, akchoté, auzet – sur le rythme
loscil – faint liquid
oval – you are here
susumu yokota – future tiger
juana molina – insensible

06 août 2006  spécial viva les transpédégouines

rasticule – intro
norico – pine pong
west dyke – dyke
isa massu – femme
the crass – our wedding
nini raviolette – suis-je normale
claire campbelle – gode save the gouine
cobra killer – nunk auf augen zu
anna oxygen – ponytails
flaming pussy – j’aime regarder les filles
pop the fish – tamagotshi breton
dressy bressy – you should try to kiss her
peaches – we want it
darcin – stay in school
lesbians on ecstasy – summer love
eve massacre – 48 crushes on you
pierre crube – lâche ton style
monochrome – la belge
micheline software – je l’savais
oh no the modulattor – oh no the modulattor
felix kubin – disko brouillage
intercom – american pukol
gamache – oiseux de la fôret
final fantasy –
anthony and the johnson – for today i’m a boy

30 juillet 2006

simon called peter
intercom – hgg
gamache – bootleg
darcin – remix de scant intone
micheline software – voorgssab
heart & soul – cargo bass
esther & thomas brinkmann – on ne vit pas
skinny bones
heart & soul – solar mist
des cailloux et du carbone
matmos – roses and teeth for ludwig wittgenstein
intercom – estadio monumentale
heart & soul – planet nebula
takako minekawa – gently waves
quarks – kikyo
takako minekawa/michiko endoh – flow in a tide
keigo oyamada – flash
niobe – always pointing skywords
zigaretterauchen – männer
jozef van wissem – catoptromancy
emerald cloud cobra
manuel m. mota/josé oliviera
teufel musik
machinefabriek – somerset
guillaume beauron – une espèce d’orchidée en or
genoveva faisca – torch song
juliet quinn – pekin avec mélodica
william basinski – disintegration loops d/p 4
morton feldman – piano three hands
meander & janter – spam, dorothy, spam!
william basinski – disintegration loops d/p 5

23 juillet 2006  spécial MONTRÉAL MATIÈRE SONORE

entrevue d’une heure avec Francisco Lopez, Chantal Dumas, Hélène Prévost, Mathieu Lévesque et Esther Bourdages.

le fond sonore :
hélène prévost – la voix dans le sac
tomas philips – white gray
a.dontigny – in memoriam jane jacobs
mathieu levesque – nouvelle maternité
francisco lopez – untitled #188
chantal dumas – s/t w/t
louis dufort – matério
steve heimbecker – sunday msm

2ème heure:

mathias delplanque – ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas
ghislain poirier – mc steak beef
felix kubin – kathedrale kopernikus
felix kubin – nichts sagen
julien quinn – moustique suite
david fenech – theme for alix
david fenech – l,amour hein qu’est-ce que ça veut dire
ghislain poirier – courto sur la basse
ghislain poirier – de l’art de la fellation
caribou – anna & nina
domotic – I hate you forever
sir alice – l’amour made in taiwan
rhythm king and her friends – frankie
illease – walking pneumonia
tranie tronic – tranie tronic
lester black – all the beautifull thing

16 juillet 2006  spécial AGF 2ème heure

didier super – petit caniche peluche pour vieux
senor coconut – el coco loco
richard cheese – closer (nine inch nail remix)
senor coconut/akufen – coco à gogo
bosco – à poil et poli
senor coconut – simoon
les robots musique – yo
puyo puyo – taigaga boucin
dat politics – flea wheel fest
peaches vs tal – tits
gonzales feat peaches and paul pm – insanity
rythm king and her friends – copie moi je veux voyager
esg – purely physical
laub (revisité par lamathilde) – morgen
g.beauron – c’est à peu près pareil tous les jours
éliane radigue – kyema (extrait)
agf / zavoloka – vogelbeere
the lappetites – before the libreto (extrait 1)
agf / zavoloka – nude grain
the lappetites – before the libreto (extrait 2)
agf/ zavoloka – tapfermohn
laub – wake up gonzales
agf – marzipan
laub – temporaries
agf / dlay – the return of us
agf -desilusion
(sic) – ice eater
akufen – little hope of horror
grkzgl – pugnt
agf – loading
c: – bleed for me

09 juillet 2006

free kitten -teenie weenie boppie
sonic youth – tom violence
free kitten – revlon liberation
sonic youth – in the shadow of a doubt
free kitten –
daniel johnston – delusion + confusion
young marble giant – eating noddemix
css – cssuxxx
2many dj – i was made for loving you
le sport -your brother is my only hope
glamour to kill – queer
lword- extrait
simian mobile disco – hustler
call me poupée – allez danse
églantine gouzy – 12h12
our brother teh native -falcon farmer
peter samples – four letter words
metallic falcons – snakes and tea
cj harder – mothra
hélène prévost – la voix dans le sac
(sic) – niagara falls
aaron ximm – three sides of the avilas
rev.benn schnipper – kenny mc cormick slaughtered by my guitar amp
chantal dumas – s/t w/t
micheline software – t before a
usurpateur – c’est un d
gamache – pratique/pas pratique

02 juillet 2006

bourvil/fernandel – on m’appelle simplet
tenderforever – take it off
murcof – muim
montag – gel au sol
jonas bering – dettinger indershop
tim koch -autumn descent
anotret – vaciller
montag – certains évènements sont microscopiques
lali puna – the failure and leading signs
kagura hashimoto – (extrait) monochrome
lali puna remixé par die untel – faking the books
neongin – animal hypothetical
psapp – cosy in teh rocket
telex -eurovision
lucille – moins de 18 degres
le suck machine – grow into teh vacuum
modlizbi – mauvaise aiguille
extrait l word
flaming pussy – j’aime regarder les filles (remix de coutin)
eve massacre – 48 crushes on you
extrait Lword
peaches – tent in your pants
darcin -stay in school
the juan mc lean – give me every little thing
arling and cameron – pop corn 2006
roisin murphy – ramala

18 juin 2006

katerine – mes vacances à l’hôpital
sylvain chauveau -BO des plumes dans la tête
my robot friend –
peaches -get it
ellen allien/ apparat – jet
metallic falcons – nightime & morning
psapp – upstairs
metallic falcons – snakes and tea
françoise breut – la confession
teh bearedboy – veux-tu NON
françoise hardy – mon amie amie la rose
face b – www
intercom – hgg
mils – nouka
tusia beridze – gorod
tusia beridze – cvet
tusia beridze – kursaa
barbara morgenstern – die japanisch schranke
églantine glouzy – 12h12
barbara morgenstern – unser mann aus hollywood
agf – exist slow
herbert – something isn’t right
herbert – just once

11 juin 2006 spécial Charlemagne Palestine et Festival suoni per il popolo

felix kubin – katharina tanzt
domotic – ma stereo
felix kubin – hello
black ox orchestar – ver tanzt?
jerusalem in my heart – ayaratni
hassan el hadi – shouf
charlemagne palestine – strumming music
radio india – radio jaipur
gamela gabor #1
charlemagne palestine – jamaica heinekens in brooklyns #1
charlemagne palestine – schlongo!!!daluvdrone revisited#3
annie martin -relaxation songs for teh city dwellers
mariola brillowska – mondgesang
feu thérèse – homme avec coeur avec elle
dominique a – rouvrir
christophe – elle dit elle dit
davide balula & joana preiss – les jambes
églantine gouzy – boa
euphrates – stereotypes incorporated
spank rock – touch me
L word – extrait
peaches – downtown
vanessinha & allessandra – gira
os danadinhos – perçao feat pantera
lcd soudsystem (dfa remixes) – deceptacon
julien ribot (my old sofa remix) – 7000 dollars

4 juin 2006

klimperei – alice final
avia gardner – wainting wonder
désormais – salt eyes fuck yeh
mitchell akiyama – if others come, some will go
vitamins for you – quand peanut fait dodo
églantine gouzy – zone a
gudrun gut/myra davies – alberta beef
églantine gouzy – y,a pas de mal
agf – manadi dschadarat
tusia beridze – kursaa
regina spektor – fidelity
les temps liquides – le beau grand vide flambant neuf
grandmiker marjorie – sounds of the crest vol 1
the chicarones – pork rind discotheque
intercom – hgg
matmos – snails and lasers for patricia highsmith
josephien foster – die schwestern
rosario blefari – vidriera chilena
our brother the native – octopodidae
matmos – toy piano
phonophani – la vencheloops
kid 606 – if by heart
kinn – cacara
kasumasa hashimoto – monochrome

28 mai 2006

kimya dawson- I miss you
aedarfugl – birds
sandrine kiberlain – vos condoléances
montag – natacha
katerine – excuse moi
pascal of bollywood – la vie en rose
stereototal – europa neurotisch
jackson & his computer – hard tits
darrcin – stay in school
wang – hexentanz
matmos – tract for valerie solanas
atau tanaka – bondage
gamache – pratique pas
yumul yuk – samba
bovine life – now we’re light
gin gin sussex – tropical gunslinger
the world provider – valentine
asobi seksue – misu asobi
the world provider – c’est comme ça
aco – sakura sakura
takagi masakatsu – early summer
paavoharju – valotihkuu käpen läpi
nobukazu takemura – turutiksbinbon
d’alessio (sur un texte de duras) – quand les lilas
pierre-yves macé – interlude
cold cut – colour of the soul
franco saint de bakker – no one knows
ogurusu norihide – 2

21 mai 2006

bashung – dehors
klimperei – hum hum
oval – mediaton
kid 606 – call me
alog – severe punishment and lasting bliss
stewart walker – end product
cristof migone – ruach
mitchell akiyama – palindrone 1
cristof migone – ostria
alejandra and aeron – blueman of the minch
alejandra and aeron – learning from mistakes
alexander rishaug – the mountain song
microstoria – artik
alejandra and aeron – fin folk
nobukazu takemura – water’s suite part 1
cristof migone – cierzo
alexander rishaug – room tone
wiliam basinski – the garden of brokenness
alejandra and aeron – lost cat
kid 606 – if my heart ever ran away…
charlemagne palestine – strumming music
tony conrad – early minimalism june 1965
les poules – pluie sur les fougères
alva noto/ryuchi sakamoto – moon
oval – aero deck
alejandra and aeron – henkies
monade – vol de jour
conlon nancarrow – study for player piano vol. III

14 mai 2006  spécial natacha-miss tita don’t go away

daniel johnston – some things last a long time
pixies – where is my mind
arcade fire – in the back seat
sylvain chauveau (depeche mode revisité)- never let me down
evenement0 – pour toi l’amour
julien ribot+katerine – ?
faceb – www
sonoko – chérie
mils -endless kisses
goldfrapp – oh la la
love is all-Busy Doing Nothing
the rapture
my old sofa (julien ribot remixé) – 7000 dollars
neoangin – animal hypnotical
braille -extrait
montag – bonne nuit etienne
anne laplantine – good bye
anne laplantine – care
annelies monsere – early rising
fourtet – hilarious movie of the 90’s
mùm – don’t be afraid you just got your eyes closed
psapp – dad’s breakdown
annelies monsere – rue de la croix
annelies monsere – cold night
psapp – scissory
figurine – impossible single night
o samuli a – potunnostolaulu2
domokun – last nigh vlad’s track break up my mac
i am robot and proud – a proposal to tune the world to f

07 mai 2006

cawa sorix – en tant que cinéphile
arne vinzou – les amants
cawa sorix – bruce lee
hypo/edm – naughty place
domotic – ma stereo
laudanum – on the fire side
ellen alien/apparat – jet
aphex twin – pitcard
outputmessage – sommeil
rodolphe kuffer – leucippe
laudanum – dust
margo – ennui
gangpol unt mit – comment allons-nous ce faire
ghislain poirier – bounce moi
think about life – what the future might be
anaerobics robots – darwin or lose
ghislain poirier – réchauffer riddim
sexy boy – lollipop
kids on tv – 36 pills a day
kid 606 – frenchkiss
kevin blechdom – the porcupine and the jellyfish
klimperei – cheval de nuit
savath & savalas – folk song for cello
grandaddy – what happened…
ryuchi sakamoto – drama section
alias & tarsier – 4

30 avril 2006

schlammpeitziger/vert – stumbling gallopwood
aelters – astericken
dat politics –
phon.o – kyoto station 6 pm
schalammpeitziger/wevie stonder – a buddha made of mud
felix kubin/people like us – too technical
people like us – barbed 4 people
felix kubin – psyko billy
secret mommy – lonely tylenol
lesser – cheeseburger lady
alexis o’hara – getting drunk w the catin an apartment w too many mirrors
kick mouth you – sally take a bow
intercom – henri gaétane guitare
bob wiseman – what’s wrong with this picture?
intercom – firebird
animalmonster – electro-tron
juliet quinn – serendip
guillaume beauron – c’est à peu près pareil tous les jours
fe-mail – let it her
murayama & northam – they stood around and watched
cawa sorix – la machine
alva noto/ryuchi sakamoto – morning
nathan mcninch –
juliet quinn – moustique suite
erik m – ressac
nappe – back yard tail tap
andrey kiritchenko – fourfold symmetry
dü – stratobeik
pimmon – arc of crown and feather
juana molina – mantra del bicho feo
guillaume beauron – conte
rafael toral – cyclorama lift 4
fe-mail – interlude II

23 avril 2006 LIVE DE FAMULOUS (2ème heure)

gamelan son of lion – sleeping braid
colleen – a little mechanical walz
magnetic fields – josephine
klimperei – le retour du chic
toy – grass beat box
mecmecmec – course
davide balula – pigeons loves cage
sylvain chauveau/felicia atkinson – aberdeen
davide balula/joana preiss – les jambes
ambroise – papa noël
porn sword tobacco – watts tower
shugo tokumaru – karte
ramon cordova – introduction
emmanuelle de héricourt – jimmy
encre – dogma africana
shapes & sizes – island’s gone bad
sexyboy – you’re doomed

famulous live 2ème heure
theme de famulous
libido macro

dandy wind – flooded grass
les temps liquides – rien que le goût de boire

16 avril 2006

sir alice – super hero
lcd soundsystem remixé par soulwax shibuya – daftpunk is playing at my house
ivan smagghe – disco rough
rouge rouge – l’amour avec toi
hey – un sourir en passant
anne laplantine – this activity
lucille – printemps
psapp – leaning and coffins
nino canavarro
hanne hukkelberg – conversion
coco rosie – jesus loves me
nico (chanté par son fils) – je suis le petit chevalier
hey – j,ai peur
fanny de chaillé – ici ou ailleurs
john cage – silence
william s. burroughs – present time exercices
murcof – reflejo
under byen – hjertebarn
final fantasy – this is the dream of win and regine
mils – echine
loop orchestra – circa 1901
andra mc cartney – municipal pier summer 2001
maja ratkje – vox
olivier messiaen par l’ensemble d’ondes martenot de montréal – oraison
erik m – daisy snippet
milan knizak – broken music composition
nuno canavarro – ultramania

09 avril 2006

david fenech – les géraniums
isan – gardening not architecture
david fenech – type & written
ana da silva – friend
gonzales – overnight
david fenech – mange du caca

coupé d’entrevues décousues

2ème heure spécial QUEER expo à la centrale jusqu’au 30 avril
anaerobic robots – freedom for choice
phon-o – trick or treat
felix kubin/angie reed – russki beat
transexformers – transexformers and friends
gina X – no gdm
lesbians on ecsatasy vs jody – summer luv
peaches – i u she
ms john soda – outlined view
b. fleischmann – aldebaran walz
millimetrik – l’inconnu(e) qui me souriait
millimetrik – confusion regarding pleasure valley

02 avril 2006  les pitounes à sacs à aiselles devenus sacs à chien-saucisse

spécial 1ere heure : musique de musiciens mécaniques

klimperei – cheval de nuit
david fenech – mister master (en concert le 4 avril au 1627 st hubert)
klimperei/franck pahl – lyon fritters
klimperei/pierre bastien – le décalage des sons
pascal comelade – amarcord
pascal comelade – to be damn ornette to be
david fenech – woof picoti
anne laplantine – auberge perpendiculaire
faceb – news
anne laplantine – joke
nini raviolette – suis je normale
metal boys – carnival
jacno – triangle
neodead – bad cage suzie phone
gang pol unt mit- comment allons-nous ce faire permettez moi le vous expliquer
2ème heure :spécial marguerite duras

pour les fans de margot allez visiter sur le site de france culture le dossier spécial DURAS, des heures d’entretiens, de fictions, de lectures.
le montage de ce soir est réalisé à partir d’extraits de films, de montage radio, d’artistes qui rendent hommage à M. Duras. De sons enregistrés ….

annelies monserre – sarah
Marguerite Duras – extrait sur son enfance
hanne hukkelberg – k
richard jobson – the lover
richard jobson – theme à part des jours entiers dans les arbres
Marguerite Duras – extrait du film moderato cantabile
bartok – lament (par cécile bruynoghe)
Marguerite Duras – extrait du film hiroshima mon amour
richard jobson – the kiss the danceand the death
Marguerite Duras – extrait du film india song (chant de la mendiante)
Marguerite Duras – extrait d’entretien
Marguerite Duras – extrait d’entretien
Marguerite Duras – extrait du film india song (scène delphine seyrig)
annelies monserre – another morning
anotret – stella moris
chantal dumas/christian calon – surface documents
andrew duke – helle & the hammer
ossobucco –
andra mc cartney – municipal pier

26 mars 2006 invité spécial 1ère heure: net label sillons
in sektrava – monochrome b
ressasser – comlogue III
cyclyk – suspend
anotret – ces centrées
czarnekci – mazurka de la petite fille
fable – absynth phony
in sektrava – mémoire et tempête
stah – hasselnussen
anotret – la peau
fable – rehearsal
cyclyk – cold bed

spécial crissdemauditmasculinisme

boogers – takata
stereototal – everybody in the discotheque
avril – be yourself
flaming pussy -les filles de paris
david caretta – pop et synthetique
chromatik – freedom 35
vlad – domkun
dat politics – wow signal
jason forrest – doublepeck d liar
scout nibblet -kidnapped by neptune
au revoir simone -hurricane
takuma itoi – trans

19 mars 2006  spécial…3 ans que bush croit sauver l’irak

rogue state – intro
agf – mistakes report
rogue state – epilogue
no parking – kill fucking usa
stereolab – banana mounster ne répond plus
monade – enfin seule
pierre-yves macé – placebo
project qua project – for rachel cornie
etienne noiseau – no w-ar
le tigre -new kicks
eve massacre – 48 crushes on you
eve massacre- i’m some story being told
eve massacre (remix)- protect my sound system
eve massacre (remix)- bitter kitten
lady sovereign (remix) – chic ching
john oswaldd- plunderphonics angle
darcin – stay in school
gamache – uh eh
intercom – electrolux
kg -spectre 01
casiotone for the painfully alone – when you were mine
islands – tsuxiit
ms john soda – outlined view
mouse on mars – a chnik schnack melimade
stereolab (microsteria remix) – microlab endless summer
pram – cinnabar
klimperei – le retour du chic
cat power & karen elson – i love you (me either)
anotret – conte d’hiver

12mars 2006 spécial montréallllll c’est toé ma villlllle

klimperei – villages éveillés
alexis o’hara – lovesclave
nathalie derome – des mots d’la dynamite
sylvie laliberté – ça s’appelle la vie
ladies luncheon – swedish jeans disease
pony up – toy piano
genevieve crepeau – starlette
dominique petitgand – questions porte clef
genevieve crepeau – alida
victoria stanton – at your window
eric gingras – le trop bas
rasticule -docteur hot floss
b.a trix – kitten play
pierre crube – bounce like you mean it
nanobot auxilliary ballet – microworld
massive asthma – pre teen bying power fro life
gamache – oiseau de la fôret
eric gingras – collagène
intercom – estadio monumental
if then do – glory machines
simon guibord – ponta*c
element quuda – loova salad
heavy eye of the sun – comme des nuages dans le fleuve
annie & minnie novalinga – throat singing medley
jerry lopez + des cailloux et du carbone – circle circle squiggle
montag – moonyboo
final fantasy – your light is bent
catlandgrey – interlude excerpt from the
khonnor – crapstone
catlandgrey – interlude angry footballer
milosh – could’nt sleep
b.fleishman – broken monitors

05 mars 2006 spécial FEMMMMMMMMMMME

événements du festival edgy women et fifa et le fanzine SCUMgrrrls

isa massu – femme
mary margaret o’hara – not be alright
west dyke – dyke
klimperei – hum hum
adriana calcanhotto – licao di baio
tara de long – soy machina
peaches vs kid 606 – fuck the pain away
robots in disguise – d i y
lesbians on ecstasy – intro
deluxe -8
les temps liquides – le beau grand vide flambant neuf
vive la fête – non did non
anna oxygen – dream dream dream
montag – kraut’o’clock
wy – pas
dreamcatcher – 3
helgoland – waikiki calling
dat politics – viper eyes
felix kubin & pia burnette -hide & seek
kevin blechdom – peanut
avia gardner – dead and dreaming
mileece – nightfall
agf – reduced trust
maryanne amacher – living sound patient pending
kaffe matthews – art with the cold
maja ratkje- study
anchea martignoni – à venise
catlanderey – interlude
i am robot and proud – proposal to tune the world
psapp – velvet pony

26 février 2006  émission pré-enregistrée…ce soir on dort

os mutantes – le premier bonheur du jour
rubin steiner – que bonita es la vida
the world provider – future
matmos – the stars and stripes forever
discom – code couleur
SUPERULTRAMEGA! – greeting amaka
we are molecules – silk and venim
navet confit – (compil cism)
montag – (compil cism)
vitamins for you – quand peanut fait dodo
heart and soul – space blimp of my heart
yuzo kato – dialog
sébastien roux – harp
alva noto/sakamoto – iano
événement – 06
a.i. – folie
negativland – u2 radio edit
people like us – morning
jelle meanter & maja jantar – knitterBA!
pink twins – let it sleep
peter & petite musique – 1
événement – 04
efterklang- mountains loop
lippok – cantell
bogdan razcynsky –
tuzia beridze
tuzia beridze –
lippok – sometimes somewhere
fanny de chaillé – avalanche
a.i. – tune

19 février 2006

hypo -random veneziano
montage sonore – musiques athlétiques
anna karina – roller girl
hypo -benny bjorn has gone forever
electronicat – (remix tennis)
safety scissors vs kit clayton – ping pong
dat politics – my toshiba is alive
darcin – bootleg
dat politics – roll
matt fuzz – fuzzy ghetto
datpolitics – videotape
matt fuzz – slide sur le vent
gamache – pepper sandwich
alexander robotnick – problèmes d’amour
kania tieffer – ma reum
malcolm goldstein – summer
chantal dumas – tanz extrait
malcolm goldstein – spring
minibloc – mari nu au cocktail
le peuplier de simon – bootleg
st sophie – en montagne
sauts – bootleg
avia gardner -waiting wonder
metronomy – love song for dogs
tender forever – the feelings of love
melodium – interlude pour depressif
tender forever – the magic of crashing stars
volcano – kalamazoo
colleen – good morning sunshine
noak katoi – that’s all water under the reiko now

12 février 2006

sylvain chauveau – never let me down again
pony up! – toy piano
événement0 – pour toi l’amour
alejandra & aeron – old fingers
sylvain chauveau & don nino – alors la lumière vacille
lullatone – music box samba
événement0 – porte de velours
dim dim -polka
genders – grassy grass
noak katoi
burka band – burka blues
kid 606 – french kiss
figurine – impossible single edit
cobra killers + kapajko
jessical vale – disco libido
dani siciliano – walk the line
panther – you don’t want your nails done
ratatat vs method man
teamtendo – we miss you when you don’t like music
braille – presente
gazormass – sol la si charlie
the asthma beat clinic – yasser annonce
domokun – last night
aelters – volu beit
Ddamage – on presence 13
kevin blechdom – ready 4 love
esther et thomas brinkman – on ne vit pas
rosario blefari – partir y renunciar
sug(r)cane feat joana – morning speed
micro:mega – annex 6
samiland – spooky circus
akumu – epyllysia
palmer’S polaroid – flagless country
with all due to respect – statik work

05 février 2006

liquid liquid – bell head
juan mc lean – dance hall modulator
lena -bootleg dj rupture
eve massacre – sweet as neurotic indieboys
dopplebanger – m83 miss kittin
cosmodrome – number2 in heaven
rubin steiner – raw breaks
caro snatch – bord game
elektra – dance
monotekktoni -stars
dominic a -l’inuktitut
anotret – conte d’hiver
coco rosie – jesus loves me
anthony and the johnsons – the perfect day
coco rosie – beautiful boys
devendra benhart – a ribbon
coco rosie – the sea is calm
rafael toral – cyclorama lift 3
silence radio – le roy d’espagne
chantal dumas christian calon – stampeed
clara rockmore – valse sentimentale
luc ferrarri – misic promenade
hugh le caine- dripsody
raymond scott – cindy electronica
to rococo rot – contact
oscar sala – concerto rumbato
caster nicolai – alva noto
hugh le caine – sack but blues
robert ashley – automatic writting
aircraft – ofglass

29 janvier 2006

Terre Thaemlitz- taking stock in our pride
Soft Pink Truth- Gender Studies
LOE vs DJ Aï –
IYM- Le jour ou Balavoine est mort c’est la première fois que j’ai eu mes règles
Kap Bambino- Enhate
Duchess says- Black Flag
Black Dice – Remix de Luomo
Quarks- Allein
Miss Kittin and The Hacker- Zopmbie nation
Tiga-LCD Soundsystem remix
Flaming Pussy- Les filles de Paris
Pop the fish-L and M à la piscine
DJ Alexandre- Toma Toma
Ghislain Poirier- Don’t smile it’s post-modern
Ominikron- Achète-moi
Jonas Bering Dettinger-Intershop
Psapp-Velvet pony
Clap your hands and say yeah- sunshine and clouds and everything proud
Khima France-Lofit
Why not you be among these happy dancers – extrait
cian ethrie – sans titre
nuno canavarro -7
aeron bergmann – the tale of the unhappy american
nuno canavarro – pas de titre
guepe – a warm daY
Milleece tridi
descaillousetducarbone – extrait
aeron bergman – the tale of the unhappy american – extrait

22 janvier 2006

didier super – petit caniche peluche pour vieux
rabbit – sunrise in the motherland
the barmitzvah brothers – a song for grant
kevin blechdom -dying robot
the barmitzvah brothers – jimmy and dorothy
f.s blumm -ankern
neoangin – we don’t want a solution
gangpol unt mit – la nostalgie
o.lamm – del you’re so great a person
doktor cosmos – holiday
pierre crube – lâche ton style
soft pink truth – homo-sexual
holyfuck – tone bank control
ghislain poirier – elephant
richard cheese – closer
urawa – i love my dog
dead hollywood stars – ocean drive 1984
the missing ensemble –
samuel st aubin – rer
christian calon – aiguiser l’ouïe
magali babin – triturations
charles alexandre grégoire – beckett, lautréamont…
ferry est – octobre neuf
margo – les nuages
tujiko noriko – 26th floor
takuma itoi – intro
lunaparc – helium
vale poher – keep on going
arab strap – 3
tujoko noriko – fly 2

15 janvier 2006

heinz funk – menuet
cecil leuter (roger roger)-pop electronic n1
sack & E*rock – mind is the master
pierro umiliani – rapsodia stellare
cecil leuter – pop electronic n3
pierro umiliani – gadget
cecil leuter – pop electronic n14
pierro umiliani -vierni/funiculi funicula
mulatu astatke – yegelle tezeta
sergio mendes – roda
peter rap – punta
le tigre (remixé par diplo) – after dark
eric peter – keysone capers2
candie hank – le désastre
margo – paradis
oave vorhaus – main frame blues
wevie stonder – remix team doyobi
original hamster – hamsta my dear
christian vogel – gigantic tautological machinery
secret mommy – lonely tylenol
hitz express – theway u move it rite thair
el turco loco – the garantor
mils – la beaumette
margo – janvier
montag -demi nocturne
hexes & ohs –
swedish death polka -dj
avia gardner – dread and dreaming
swedish death polka -beginning
avia gardner – oceans of almost rushing

08 janvier 2006
1 speed bike – if you were a macdonalds
1 speed bike – klootzak keicer
puppetmastaz – jr blenda
the streets – give me back my light
os carrascos – labitinte dos carrascos
cobra killers – ledercourch
deluxe – xxy
kas production – tape
dropdabombs – la boume
rouge rouge – tricoter
rouge rouge – l,amour avec toi
cosmo vitelli – be kind to the machines
lesser – voice oireason
psapp – about fun
printed circuit – mobira
firestarte – mario remix
mr oizo – stunt
mils – nouka
mils – old paper dwarves
laark – inventaire de ma chmabre
ressasser – les enfants joueaient au pendu
czarnecki – mazurka de la petite fille
anotret – conte d’hiver
stah – haselnüssen
asuna – citrus tree, wheels paddle azurite sea july
cian ethrie – maison mobile 2
stephan mathieu – touch
cian ethrie – faulk music
tochna tsunoda – pieces of air
toshiyuki kobayashi – van dyke red hue
thom kubli – labortag 1
alejandra y aeron – the tale of pip
rishaug/marchaug – feel free at home
alejandra y aeron – haircut
cian ethrie – maison mobile 1
thom kubli – labortag 2
cian ethrie – faulk music 2
alejandra y aeron – lavadouro
cian ethrie – faulk music 3

01 janvier 2006

ian pooley – vital one
cuizinier – beaucoup de toi
kerosene – and line
trans am – starjammer
jeans team – berlin am meer
juana molina –
takuma itoi – on the wind
jens lekman –
ulrisch schnauss – blumenwiese neben autoban
caribou – hello hammerheads
beck – heaven hammer
1 speed bike
kevin blechdom – coming
tujiko noriko
mira calix – schymk
simon belair
fx randomiz – yaun twais oy
hanne hukkelberg – displaced
microsillion – rue du champs des vagues
fanny de chaillé – tant compris
travaux publics 5 -45 minutes au bord de la seine
oslo telescopic – contrejour