playlist 2002

23 juin 2002

BLOND READ HEAD “futurism vs passeism part2” Touch and Go 98
FREE KITTEN “teenie weenie boppi” Wiiija 97
SONIC YOUTH “tokyo eye” Geffen 94
SONIC YOUTH “sympathy for the strawberry” Geffen 02
FREE KITTEN “tha’subliminal kid” Wiiija 97
KRAKAUER ” the ballad of chernobyl” Tzadik 95
NICO “das lied von einsanen madchens” Beggars Banquet 85
KLIMPEREI “l’herbe verte” In poly son 90
CINDY DALL “berlin 1945” Domino 97
CHRISTOPHE “elle dit elle dit” 01
AMP “songe” Kranky 98
SYLVAIN CHAUVEAU ” cet enfer miraculeux” les disques du soleil et de l’acier 01
MUM “we have a map of the piano” fat-cat 02
MONTAG “iota” autoprod 02
GEL”re(a/c)h'” artefact 01
SOLENOID” grey pavillon” citizens paralleles 01
ROLLINKA “behind the door” invasion planete 01
L’USINE “boloto” On records 01
AKUFEN “train to barcelona” Traum 02
PROCESS “pelican” Traum 02
ANDREAS FRAGEL” sie lebt in hamburg” Traum 02
PHILIPPE CAM ” unicef chrismas card” Traum 02
BOVINE LIFE “a local magnetic anomaly” bip-hop 01

14 juillet 2002

Spécial Bip-hop Pandémonium
TOYCHESTRA “sittin pretty” SK 2002
MARUMARI “a girl Imet at the restop” Bip-hop 01
CICCONE YOUTH ” addicted to love” 88
COPING SAW “gas electric” Pandémonium 98
HINT “ten thousands things” Pandémonium 98
WANG INC. “mention b-boy” Bip-Hop 02
FRANCK BRETSCHNEIDER “reconstructs bovine life” Bip-Hop 02
BOVINE LIFE/3rd EYED FOUNDATION “either workpart 1” Bip-Hop 02
TWINE “there is no on else” Bip-Hop 02
CRAY ” forna” Bip-Hop 02
STEREO TOTAL “L’amour à trois”
MUG “le truc electrique” Pandémonium 98
ANDY’S CAR CRASH ” 150 japs” Pandémonium
SPACE HEADS “storm force8″ Bip-Hop 02
ANDREW DUKE ” crablike” Bip-Hop 02
TENNIS ” civic halo” Bip-Hop 01
SI-CUT.DB “contamile” Bip-Hop 02
CERBERUS SHOAL “asphodel” Bip-Hop 02
SPACE HEADS “fog” Bip-Hop 02
SPACE HEADS/MAX EASTLEY “the old moon in the young moons arms” Bip-Hop 01

14 octobre 2002

Klimperei “le chant des coccinnelles” polysons 90
etienne jaumet “clipper” autoprod 02
flôp “un homme de gout simple” 01
panda 43 “la photo du chalet” 01 safari
jacqueline taïeb “7 heures du matin” 60’s
melon galia “extraordinaire ressemblance” 99 mange-tout
alexis o hara “bushes as beasts”
etienne jaumet “punk à chien” 02
peaches “diddle my skittle” kitty-yo 01
peaches “hot rod” kitty-yo 01
julee ruin “i wanna know what love is” 98
ladytron “ease2xist” 02
echo kitty “aimer la moto” 02
sonic youth ” le paysage zim zum” 02
transbeauce “fmf” 01 pop news
hrsta ” i can transform myself into anyone i want”
m83 “facing that” 01 goom
etienne jaumet “doppler inverse” autoprod 02
o.lamm “guitar inovator” 01 active suspension
montag “morceau caché” 02 goom
mum “in the land between solar systems” 02 fatcat
scalen/private benjamin “scale2b” 02 cocosolidciti

22 décembre 2002

lispector on/off
dylan david wagner 02 extrait
vlad nigapoz
sink iltra
schlampeitziger tauschbeysvoiced
hypo +michiko kusaki michoko
les temps liquides damaged goods
chics on speed/kreidler
peaches fuck the apin away
ladytron nühorizons
ming chanson de la plus haute tour
lalipuna dont think
notwist scoop
m83 violet tree
domotic cyclatron
montag yok yok
o.lamm del you’re so a great personn
gel: dolozal
alexis o’hara spaceship matria
tingis et ivanova peur de voler
un h et une f point nord
dominic a +oslo project eucalyptus
epic 45
mils katabile
purple confusion introduction
sybarite secropia
piano magic+robert lippock modern jupiter
hope sandoval suzanne